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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  September 12, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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round our unofficial scorer, bogging erin raskin has it 4-2 in favor of centeno cues me 4-1. so it's a 49-46 advantage for centeno. >> and maciec is still trying to make the fight. he's still coming in very hard. he's still trying to force it. centeno has the handle on it now. >> final seblgdz, round 6. so that's 6 in the books. >> marve, thanks deontay wilder september 26th. coming up next on nbc except in the west coast, it is your local
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news and tonight at 8:007:central, "running wild" with bear grylls. head to nbc sports live 'em extra app. so long from the grand theater at foxwoods, resort casino.
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nbc 10 news starts now. right now at 6:00, we are following developing news out of south jersey. a small plane crashed into a backyard killing the pilot. and we've just learned his identity. a live report coming up. first, nbc 10 first alert weather radar tracking showers and storms. you can see the wet weather moving in from the west. and here's a live look at citizens bank park whether you're headed to the phillies' game or have other saturday night plans. you could be dodging some rain showers. good evening, i'm denice nakano. let's go right to michelle grossman and tell us what we can expect for tonight? >> you can expect some rain. bring the umbrella as you head out tonight. it has been since july 4th that we had rain on a weekend and it's happening right now. a flash flood warning where you see the red because some spots in the poconos and lehigh valley
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have seen three inches of rain. still seeing some of the rain falling right now. some of it is heavier and temperatures are rain cool to the north. a damp, cool night in mt. pocono and 74 degrees right now in philadelphia. as we go throughout the night, we'll see those temperatures dropping through the 70s in philadelphia and eventually into the 60s and we're tracking rain over the next few hours. we'll talk more about that. a beautiful workweek ahead of us, we'll talk more about that, too. >> updates and radaron the go from our first alert weather team. be sure to download the free nbc 10 smartphone or tablet. turning now to developing news, the faa is investigating a deadly plane crash in south jersey. authorities say a small plane crashed into a camden county backyard this morning killing the pilot. it happened on jackson road in atco. the pilot was the only person onboard that plane and no one was hurt on the ground. monique braxton has been
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covering the crash since it happened and she joins us live. monique, you just learned the pilot's identity. >> that's right, denise. we've also just learned that the investigation is now kicking it into high gear. and investigators tell us david sees took off from camden county airport. >> sad whoever is onboard. i mean, you don't want to see tragedies like that. >> hours after david sees crash under to the woods his cessna 150 is towed away. >> reporter: ron mu dilly heard the crash and knew something about it didn't sound quite right. did you hear people screaming or yelling? >> nothing. >> reporter: investigators did say people saw this now crashed plane flying low before it went down at 11:30. narrowly missing homes. >> probably approximately 150 feet from a residence. there was some fuel leakage from the fuel tank.
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>> reporter: but police say there was no fire or explosion at the scene. yet we saw firefighters at this wooded lot here behind 634 jackson road. people who say they knew the 65-year-old pilot huddled together in the rain here at the loudoun fire company. >> we never had a plane crash of this nature in our, just as long as i've been here. the last 21 years. >> now, we did reach out to the camden county airport to find out where exactly sees was headed. if there was a flight plan. so far we have not received a response. but we can tell you that the faa, as well as the ntsb are investigating. live in waterford, township, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. this morning's crash is the third deadly plane crash in new jersey this week alone. just two days ago, a single engine plane crashed into the at la lantic ocean. police say no radio
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communication from the plane for the final two hours of that flight. it was headed to atlantic city to attend a safety program for pilots. nbc 10 shot this video from the shore thursday as crews search for debris. the national transportation safety board still is not sure why that plane crashed. and that third crash happened tuesday in northern new jersey. well, new at 6:00, philadelphia police are looking for the gunman who shot two people and then road off on a bike. it happened at the raymond rosen housing complex in north philadelphia this afternoon. one victim is in critical condition and the second is in stable. also new tonight, police in south jersey are on the lookout for this escaped prisoner who literally ran off on foot. michael mims ran away while being taken to the burlington county jail. he was handcuffed and not wearing any shoes. if you spot him, call 911 right away. tonight rbs police say they have great concern for a missing
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couple from chester county. dominik and his wife, barbara, told their son they had plans to leave their retirement community to go grocery shopping yesterday morning. they have not been seen since. nbc 10 george spencer is live in east ocean township tonight and, gorge, the couple had just only moved into this retirement community from bucks county. >> denise, they just moved in here last sunday. only five days before they disappeared. and late this afternoon, we got information that investigators are working to verify a possible sighting about nine miles from here down in media, p.a. law enforcement that you take a really good look at these photos of the couple. 76-year-old dominik janpo and his 76-year-old, barbara. they were last seen driving a 2007 silver lexus rs. that was the car they were when they left their new home here at the belling hm senior community yesterday morning, telling
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family members their were simply going out to get some groceries. police are now working to verify reports that the couple may have stopped down at the state police barracks in media yesterday around 5:00 in the late afternoon asking for directions to the pennsylvania turnpike and willow grove. barbara does have early stage dementia and dominik is an insulin dependent diabetic. right now we're told that police officials from across the delaware valley are getting involved in this search. keeping an eye out on roadways both between here and chester county all the way up to bucks county, as well as searching local hotels, malls and parks. there has been no activity on the couple's bank cards, but also no cell phone with them and police are very concerned for their well being. that is the latest tonight, i'm george spencer, nbc 10 news. >> thanks, george. scratched and bruised but going to be okay. that is the word tonight on the
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chester police officer injured in a hit and run. the search is on for the vehicle that hit the motorcycle officer and sent him flying yesterday. the car is a 19990s or 2000 model red pontiac grand prix with a green red and trunk. witnesses say the driver of the pontiac allegedly cut him off sending the officer flying 30 feet from his motorcycle. the driver then sped away. tonight, the search is on for a robber who targeted an elderly woman ripping a necklace off her neck. we'll tell you just how close police are to cracking this case. plus, a somber anniversary. today marks one year since two state troopers were ambushed in the poconos sparking a massive manhunt. we'll hear from the father of the murdered trooper.
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we're getting new surveillance videos of a man who told a gold necklace off an elderly woman's neck. michael bauerman was identified as a suspect in this case. the robbery happened in the parking lot of a walmart in towns river township ocean county. anyone who knows where bauerman is is asked to contact police. all right, it's a soggy saturday. we're tracking rain on radar. some of its heavy and also look at your seven-day. plus, looking at a really nice workweek ahead. that's all straight ahead. ♪ yoplait. the smooth and creamy yogurt your whole family loves.
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a developing story out of camden county. officials now identified the man who died this morning in a plane crash. 65-year-old david sees died when his plane crashed into someone's
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backyard. sees was the only person onboard and no one on the ground was hurt. officials are still trying to figure out why that plane crashed. one year ago today, two pennsylvania state troopers were ambushed in the poconos. corporal bryon dickson was killed. the shooting happened just outside the bearingics in pikes county. the attack set off a 48-day manhunt for eric frein. nearly 1,000 state and federal authorities descended upon the area to find the accused cop killer. they found frein hiding in an abandoned airport hangar. he was restrained using the handcuffs of corporal dickson. he shared what life's been like for the family over the past year. >> he's definitely nonremorseful. and the stuff that he said and written, he's just an evil
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individual. so, like i said, i kind of shelter myself from anything to do with him because i really don't want to know anything about him. >> frein's trial on first degree murder charges scheduled for december. new at 6:00, move over rockies. smoking joe frazier now has a statue in philadelphia and fans say it's way overdo. the statue was unveiled today at xfinity live in philadelphia. the artist re-created frazier depicting the moment after the boxer landed the punch that knocked down mohammad mohammad in 2001. the city of philadelphia commissioned artist steven lane to make the 12-foot bronze
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statue. well, sneakers were the shoes of choice at today's liver life walk. it is a national event to raise money and awareness about liver health and in our area hundreds participated in the 5k walk through and around lincoln financial. the goal to raise 2 million dollars. now the philadelphia chapter raised almost $75,000 and nbc 10's monique braxton was the emcee. the power of laughter to heal the heart was the message at this american heart association. kimm coals was the featured speaker and there was comedy, music and inspirational stories to promote stroke and heart disease awareness. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> and a good saturday evening, i'm meteor also michelle grossman. the rain is falling and been since july 4th that we had rain on a saturday or a sunday.
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it was bound to happen and seeing the rain falling in many spots across the area. sun is heavy. i'll show you that in just a few minutes. weather headlines a soggy saturday night. we're going to see the raining over the next couple of hours and the threat continues overnight into parts of sunday. some showers sunday is not going to be a washout on sunday. more sunshine and mostly cloudy skies and the threat for showers and maybe isolated thunderstorms but not as wet as today. then we're looking at a really nice workweek. lots of sunshine and comfortable temperatures for some of it. we do get warmer as we go towards the end of the workweek. right now cloudy in philadelphia, 74 degrees and 8 miles per hour and we do have a flash flood warning. that's where you see the red and that's until 7:00 and spots in the poconos, the lehigh valley have seen up to three inches of rain in the last couple of hours. still seeing the rain falling on radar. where you see the darker colors the lehigh valley still seeing that. where you see that really heavy rain on i-08 and then to the south, i want to show you
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delaware, northern delaware and not out of the woods either. heavy rain falling in parts of northern delaware right around newark with the oranges, reds, dark reds there and showing heavy rain there, as well. clouds in philadelphia, showers, as well. we're looking at rain cooled air to the north and west. 62 in mt. pocono and 71 in millville. so it's damp and cool across the area and the threat for showers continuing around 8:00. if you have saturday night plans, grab the umbrella and put the hoods up because we're going to see that rain falling. by 11:00, still some isolated showers and plenty of clouds out there and still damp and lesser threat for showers at that point. waking up to mostly cloudy skies on sunday morning. and then we do have an isolated chance for showers later on in the afternoon on sunday right around 4:00, 5:00, 6:00. tonight, cloudy and showers and storms and 64 in philadelphia and 60 north and west. tomorrow 74 to 77 and below normal for this time of year. typically we come in right around 80. mostly cloudy skies and a chance
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for a shower and possibly a thunderstorm in the afternoon. monday 76 and tuesday looking picture perfect. 82 degrees and low humidity and lots of sunshine and we'll continue that into wednesday. thursday sunshine 86. 87 on friday and mostly sunny saturday, 87. hey, i'm danny pomell. a monday night showdown is drewidrew brewing for had the eagles. one of our alumni. we'll take you to happy valley, next.
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time to check in with erica hill for what is coming aon nbc "nightly news." erica? >> hi, denise. the intense battle against two big wildfires now threatening thousands of homes plus city on edge. we have the latest tonight on that shooting on an arizona
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freeway and a battle between local and federal authorities on deporting undocumented immigrants. plus, getting kids excited about reading with a library on two wheels. that's all ahead when we see you in just a few minutes for nbc "nightly news." >> anything that works. thanks, erica. we'll see you soon. this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity. your home for the most live sports. hey, danny pommels with you, once again. eagles 48 hours in kicking the 2016 season against the falcons and spotlight squarely on one man, sam bradford. hasn't played the last two seasons and gym kelly was asked if he was worried the falcons might test bradford with extra pressure early on. >> we have answers and part of protection pickups is how we call things. get the ball out of your hand quick. but risk rewards on both sides of it. you can say, hey, let's go after
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him, if you do. but then you expose yourself on the back end and how many guys are going to have coverage and if you do do that, are you ready to match up with the five eligible receivers? that's the game that goes on within the game. >> be sure to check out the premiere of nbc 10 eagles game day kickoff tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. comcast sports net john clark will be the host. exclusive interview with the eagles runningback de marco murray. kick off tomorrow at 10:00. to the college ranks now penn state hosting buffalo and looking to bounce back from last week's season opening loss to temple. erupted out of the gate early. they got the lead. brandon pullic on the end. how about this, 22 yards for the touchdown. lions scored the first ten points and this time they kept the lead. bar cl barclay high school alum look at him doing his thing with the hurdle. the 17-yard game and first freshman with a 200-yard game
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since 2010. barclay with 900 yards away. penn state defeats buffalo, 27-14. the phillies try to bounce back from last night's doubleheader sweep by the cubs. since the phillies swept a three-game series at wrigley sweep the cubs are 31-12. outings after posting a 2.84 e.r.a. in his first three career starts. you can catch the action tonight on comcast sports net. coverage begins at 6:30 with phillies pregame live. serena williams lost his semi final and the chance at her calendar grand slam ticket prices dropped 83% with the cheapest tickets going from 270 all italian final. both also over 30. the winner will be the oldest woman's champion. then can't deal with serve on
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second set much easier. panetta lands match point on the line. pretty stuff. panetta wins 7-6, 7-2. her first career major championship and her last. the 33-year-old announced her retirement after the victory. that's sports. denise, back to you. >> good way to retire. thanks, danny. just minutes ago the boardwalk in atlantic city was turned into a giant fashion show. the show us your shoes parade. each of the 52 contestants designed an outfit and special shoes representing their home states. thousands of locals and vacationers took pictures and got autographs. >> this is definitely not -- but it's beautiful. it's exciting to be here. my shoes represent my fate. >> the miss america pageant airs tomorrow night. show us your shoes as you get your walking shoes over here, michelle. >> i'm out of breath. no, we have the rain falling,
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again. but we had not had this on the weekend for a long, long time. i'm going to raise my seat up and you're looking at radar. rain is falling in the poconos and also parts of delaware where you see the darker shading. that's where you're seeing the heavier rain falling for the poconos and lehigh valley seeing already. right around mt. bethel seeing south, parts of northern delaware heavy rain in wilmington and if you're out and about tonight, you'll see that. rainfall tonight we do have a chance for showers on sunday but it's not going to be washout. mostly cloudy skies and then so nice. fall feel on monday and sunshine across the board next week. look at all those 80s. that's nbc 10 news for now. i'm denise nakano, see you at 11:00.
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on this saturday night, firefight. the intense battle as thousands of homes are threatened by a massively growing wildfire. we're on the front lines. >> city on edge. living in fear in phoenix as authorities hunt for the shooters firing at cars on a freeway. to the streets. tens of thousands march in a show of support for refugees and migrants in europe as a human wave continues to swell. speaking out. our interview with the former tennis star who mistakenly found himself on the wrong side of the law. and story time. in our digital age, could this be the library of the future? "nightly news" begins now.


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